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Our Suppliers

At Freddie Mac, our goal is to embed diversity and inclusion into all our business practices — to be
a high-performing business leader equipped to meet the challenges of the future.

Through our Supplier Diversity program, we've supported diversity in contracting opportunities for more than 22 years  — awarding millions of dollars in contracts to diverse suppliers.  In 2013, we awarded 31 percent of corporate procurement and REO HomeSteps dollars to diverse suppliers, which places us in excellent standing among our peers.  We continue to explore new avenues to strengthen our efforts.

The secondary mortgage market is an ever changing and demanding environment that calls for suppliers who maintain high-quality standards, are cost competitive and place a premium on customer service. We focus on identifying qualified vendors who meet these standards. Supplier Diversity works closely with Procurement and the company's business areas so that these suppliers can provide the highest quality products and services at the most competitive prices.

CEO Statement

Donald H. Layton, Chief Executive Officer

"A strong supplier diversity program helps Freddie Mac’s business and allows us to more effectively meet the needs of all the communities we serve."
– Donald H. Layton, Chief Executive Officer

Who Qualifies as a Supplier?

If you would like to be a potential supplier with Freddie Mac, read the following list to see if you meet the minimum qualifications.

  • Your company must have an established place of business, been in business for at least one year, and provide revenue amounts for the current year.
  • Your company cannot acquire more than 70 percent of your revenue from Freddie Mac at the time of registration.
  • Your company must be able to provide, upon request, a certificate of insurance for the type and/or the level of business you wish to conduct with Freddie Mac.
  • Your company must be able to provide Freddie Mac with a W-9 form.
  • Your company must maintain at least three W-2 employees.
  • Qualify as a diverse supplier based on the definitions provided by Freddie Mac's Supplier Diversity Program. Click here for the Diverse Supplier Definitions.
  • Third Party diversity certificate (if applicable).

REO Vendors: To learn about the qualifications to be a potential vendor with HomeSteps, visit their website at  and click on "Working with HomeSteps."

Doing Business with Freddie Mac

  • If you meet the minimum qualifications as a potential supplier to Freddie Mac, fully complete the Supplier Profile Questionnaire.
  • Although submitting the questionnaire does not guarantee a bid solicitation or contract award, it does facilitate your potential association with Freddie Mac. When we see that your products and services match our needs, we'll forward your information to Procurement. This promotes maximum exposure and allows your firm to be considered, whenever appropriate, on competitive bids.
  • For a current list of what we purchase, please click here.
  • If you have any further questions for Supplier Diversity, you can contact us either via email at or through our customer service line at 703-918-5570.
  • REO Vendors: If you have any further questions for HomeSteps, you can contact them via email at

*Submission of the questionnaire does not guarantee bid solicitations or awards nor does it apply to companies providing single or multifamily mortgage services.

Supplier Profile Questionnaire

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