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Security Data

Reference Pools

Freddie Mac provides the issuance Reference Pool Disclosure File and a link to the bond administrator's website for the Reference Pool associated with each Credit Risk Transfer transaction.

Reference PoolDue DateBond Administrator
2017-HQA2 December, 2029 US Bank
2017-HQA1 August, 2029 US Bank
2017-DNA2 October, 2029 US Bank
2017-DNA1 July, 2029 US Bank
2016-HQA4 April, 2029 US Bank
2016-HQA3 March, 2029 US Bank
2016-HQA2 November, 2028 US Bank
2016-HQA1 September, 2028 US Bank
2016-DNA4 March, 2029 US Bank
2016-DNA3 December, 2028 US Bank
2016-DNA2 October, 2028 US Bank
2016-DNA1 July, 2028 US Bank

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Data File Types

For your convenience, Freddie Mac provides the following at issuance and monthly Reference Pool Disclosure files:

Issuance Disclosure File (riYYMMDD) Preliminary Payment File (rbYYMMDD)
Aggregate Postal Code Disclosure File (ziYYMMDD) Monthly Disclosure File (ruYYMMDD)

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