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Security Data

Reference Pools

Freddie Mac provides the issuance Reference Pool Disclosure File and a link to the bond administrator's website for the Reference Pool associated with each Credit Risk Transfer transaction.

Reference PoolDue DateBond Administrator
2018-HRP1 May, 2043 U.S. Bank Trust Services
2018-HQA1 September, 2030 Citibank, N.A.
2018-DNA1 July, 2030 U.S. Bank Trust Services
2017-HRP1 December, 2042 U.S. Bank Trust Services
2017-HQA3 April, 2030 Citibank, N.A.
2017-HQA2 December, 2029 U.S. Bank Trust Services
2017-HQA1 August, 2029 U.S. Bank Trust Services
2017-DNA3 March, 2030 U.S. Bank Trust Services
2017-DNA2 October, 2029 U.S. Bank Trust Services
2017-DNA1 July, 2029 U.S. Bank Trust Services

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Data File Types

For your convenience, Freddie Mac provides the following at issuance and monthly Reference Pool Disclosure files:

Loan Level Issuance Disclosure File (riYYMMDD) Preliminary Payment File (rbYYMMDD)
Pool Level Issuance Disclosure File (biYYMMDD) Loan Level Monthly Disclosure File (ruYYMMDD)
Aggregate Postal Code Disclosure File (ziYYMMDD) Pool Level Monthly Disclosure File (buYYMMDD)

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