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Security Data

Reference Pools

Freddie Mac provides the issuance Reference Pool Disclosure File and a link to the bond administrator's website for the Reference Pool associated with each Credit Risk Transfer transaction.

Reference Pool Disclosure FileDue DateBond Administrator
July, 2028 US Bank
May, 2028 US Bank
April, 2028 US Bank
March, 2028 US Bank
December, 2027 US Bank
May, 2025 US Bank
October, 2027 US Bank
2015-HQ01 March, 2025 Deutsche Bank

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Monthly Data Files

For your convenience, Freddie Mac provides monthly Reference Pool Disclosure files. Select the reports you would like to view, Preliminary Payment File (rbYYMMDD) or Final Monthly Disclosure File (ruYYMMDD):

Notice: Disclosure Update
* From May 2015 through December 2015, the loan level ‘Servicer Name’ in the monthly Reference Pool disclosures files (for Actual Loss Reference Pools only) released by Freddie Mac was inaccurately populated with the ‘Seller Name’. In most instances, the reported Servicer was identical to the reported Seller. However, in limited cases the Servicer name has been updated to reflect a Servicer that is different from the Seller. This loan level disclosure field is being rectified beginning with the January 2016 monthly Reference Pool disclosure file and on a going forward basis. Prior monthly Reference Pool disclosure files will not be updated. The Issuance Reference Pool disclosure files were not impacted.

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