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WLSSM Series

Freddie Mac provides the WLS disclosure files for each series. Additional disclosures and transaction documents are available on the bond administrator’s site.

WLS DealBond Administrator
2017-SC02 US Bank
2017-SC01 US Bank
2016-SC02 US Bank
2016-SC01 US Bank
2015-SC02 Deutsche Bank
2015-SC01 Deutsche Bank

Data File Types

For your convenience, Freddie Mac provides the following at issuance and monthly WLS Disclosure files:

Static Pool Information Disclosure File (seYYMMDD)

Monthly Loan Level Disclosure File

Static Pool Information Disclosure File (siYYMMDD)
Aggregate Postal Code Disclosure File (ziYYMMDD)
At Issuance Disclosure File (idYYMMDD)

Note: Static Pool Information (SPI) Disclosure Files are available for 2015 WLS transactions. Beginning with the 2016 WLS transactions, SPI files will not be issued. Refer to the Single-Family Loan Level Dataset for detailed historical loan information.

Information Requests

Contact Information

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