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CreditSmart A Guide to Better Credit, Money Management, and Responsible Homeownership

CreditSmart® Consumer Online Training

Get Smart About Credit and Homeownership Today!

Take our free CreditSmart online training course. Whether you are considering homeownership for the first time or currently own a home and need information on how to avoid foreclosure, this flexible, interactive course will teach you how to achieve your financial and homeownership goals.

With our CreditSmart online training course you will:

  • Understand the importance of building credit to secure your financial future.
  • Gain insight into how lenders assess your eligibility for a mortgage loan.
  • Recognize the warning signs of predatory lending and scams.
  • Learn the steps to successful homeownership.
  • Safeguard your home and your finances against life’s unexpected challenges.
  • Learn what to do if you ever have difficulty making your mortgage payments.

How It Works

CreditSmart features 12 complete financial education modules that provide valuable information that will help you improve your credit, manage your money, and be a responsible homeowner. To get the most out of this training, we recommend that you complete all 12 modules, in numerical order. Each module can generally be completed within 20-30 minutes. However, if you have a specific homeownership need, we have organized the modules into four financial education tracks to help you customize your training.

You can take our online training course anywhere – anytime, at your pace. This course is available in English and Spanish. Get started today!

Introduction to CreditSmart Online Training | (en español)
Click on the link above if you are taking this training course for the first time.

Module 1: Your Credit and Why It Is Important | (en español)
Freddie Mac believes that the single most effective way to prepare consumers for homeownership is to educate them on the importance of using credit wisely. This module introduces credit, basic terminology, and the importance of building a better credit record.

Module 2: Managing Your Money | (en español)
Learn about the importance of developing a spending plan and developing wise spending habits, in addition to receiving tips on how to save money.

Module 3: Goal Setting | (en español)
Find out about the importance of setting goals to achieve financial objectives.

Module 4: Banking Services: An Important Step | (en español)
Get valuable information on the basics of banking and the importance of establishing a relationship with a financial institution to build credit, save money, and achieve goals.

Module 5: Establishing and Maintaining Good Credit | (en español)
Learn how to establish a credit presence and maintain a good credit history. The module also reviews the contents of a credit report, as well as the primary credit and consumer protection laws.

Module 6: Understanding Credit Scoring | (en español)
This module describes credit scoring from a borrower's perspective and illustrates how consumer behavior affects credit scores.

Module 7: Thinking Like a Lender | (en español)
Get information on how lenders and other financial institutions determine creditworthiness and how it relates to credit scores.

Module 8: Avoiding Credit Traps | (en español)
Get valuable information on how to avoid credit traps, identity theft, and predatory lending practices that can consume personal resources and severely damage credit histories.

Module 9: Restoring Your Credit | (en español)
This module shows how to deal with credit difficulties and provides tips on how to restore impaired credit.

Module 10: Planning for Your Future | (en español)
This module outlines the process to achieve goals and attain financial security.

Module 11: Becoming a Homeowner | (en español)
This module provides practical information on how to prepare to obtain a mortgage and own a home.

Module 12: Protecting Your Home Investment | (en español)
This newest curriculum module contains a wealth of information on understanding home equity, maintaining and improving your home, preparing for emergencies, and recognizing scams. It also includes a comprehensive section on alternatives to foreclosure.

If you have any questions or experience problems while taking this online course, please contact

Note: For the optimal user experience, this course is best viewed using Internet Explorer 9. To view in IE9, please visit to download and install. Additionally, please set your browser zoom setting at 100%. The course will continue to function, however, you may have to use the scroll bars to view all the content, navigation controls, etc. If you would rather not use the scroll bars, please set your browser zoom setting to 100%.

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