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CreditSmart A Guide to Help You Understand, Promote, and Deliver the CreditSmart Curriculum

All About Credit

When it comes to owning a home or planning for your financial future, good credit is critical to success. This workshop covers how to establish and maintain credit, the basics of credit scoring and reporting, and how to avoid credit traps.

Workshop Agenda – All About Credit

Workshop Lesson Plan – All About Credit

Workshop Presentation – All About Credit

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Reinforcement – All About Credit

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  • Module 1: Your Credit and Why It Is Important
  • Module 5: Establishing and Maintaining Good Credit
    • Self Quiz – (Example question: You can raise your credit score by A, B, C, D.)
  • Module 6: Understanding Credit Scoring
    • Credit Scoring – Illustrative story about a person using credit. Have class discuss "Is this good or bad use of credit?", etc.
  • Module 8: Avoiding Credit Traps
  • Module 9: Restoring Your Credit
    • Warning Sign Quiz – Which of these are a warning sign that you have a credit problem?

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