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CreditSmart A Guide to Help You Understand, Promote, and Deliver the CreditSmart Curriculum

Terms of Use

In order to maintain the highest level of quality and maximum consistency, we’ve outlined a set of standards for our instructors. It is our hope and expectation that you will adhere to these standards, helping us to bring quality financial education to communities across the country.

When Conducting CreditSmart Workshops

As exclusive owner of all CreditSmart materials, Freddie Mac maintains the rights to revise, update, discontinue, or otherwise change the curriculum, related materials, the workshop presentation, and your authorization to conduct or promote CreditSmart workshops.

Workshop Presentation

Instructors may present any number of the 12 independent CreditSmart modules in any order, as long as individual modules are presented in its entirety. Please do not present anything less than a complete module.

Workshop Materials

  • Instructors are encouraged to distribute CreditSmart’s related materials to workshop participants, including slides from the workshop presentation.
  • The CreditSmart curriculum and its related materials may not be altered in any way. Any copies made must be exact replicas of the originals, and must include all logos, trademarks, and copyright notices affixed by Freddie Mac.
  • The CreditSmart curriculum and its related materials may not be copied or integrated into any other materials (print, online, or otherwise), unless permission is granted by Freddie Mac’s Brand Management at
  • Instructors are encouraged to augment CreditSmart workshops with additional resources. These materials should be presented as additional or supplemental, but not part of the CreditSmart suite of materials.

Consumer Fees and Solicitation

  • If necessary, sponsoring organizations may charge a fee at what would be deemed reasonable to cover the cost of offering a workshop to consumers, but the fee should not be designed to generate a profit.
  • Instructors may recommend the services of community-based organizations or make general recommendations in response to participant questions, but instructors should not solicit workshop participants to buy products or services from them or any third party.

Promoting CreditSmart Workshops

To ensure success with your workshop, you will want to create a strong marketing campaign that reaches your target audience. Freddie Mac recognizes that you know your community the best and that you know which marketing channel(s) will best serve your audience. Freddie Mac only asks that when you promote your workshop that you adhere to the following guidelines:

Attribution and Trademark

  • CreditSmart is always one word and the “S” is always capitalized.
  • Instructors and associated organizations must mention Freddie Mac in any CreditSmart promotion. All promotions must refer to the CreditSmart curriculum or workshop as follows: "The Freddie Mac CreditSmart® curriculum" or "Freddie Mac CreditSmart® workshop." Please include the registration mark in the headline and on the first mention in the text.

Working With the Media

  • Press releases, public statements, and other media outreach related to the CreditSmart curriculum, materials, or workshops must mention Freddie Mac and must be reviewed and approved in advance by Freddie Mac. Please contact us for more information.

Promotional Tools

  • To assist with your promotion of CreditSmart, Freddie Mac has developed an array of customizable marketing collateral – posters, flyers, and more. Access this gold mine of promotional tools today!
  • To promote CreditSmart in your own marketing communications, or in materials you’ve designed, you must first obtain permission and guidance from Freddie Mac. Please contact us for more information.

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