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CreditSmart A Guide to Help You Understand, Promote, and Deliver the CreditSmart Curriculum

Workshop Tools and Resources

Workshop Tools

Freddie Mac has created its suite of CreditSmart materials in a way that ensures the best outcomes for you and the consumers you reach. With these materials, you'll be able to easily customize and present the curriculum, and your workshop participants will be able to easily follow along, ultimately walking away with a good understanding of how to improve their credit, manage their money, and be responsible homeowners.

Suggested CreditSmart Tracks

To help you tailor CreditSmart to the needs in your community, we've organized the content into four tracks, each with its own suggested agenda, lesson plan, and related activities:

Instructor Guide

Each of the 12 CreditSmart modules has its own Instructor Guide, which follows the organization of the CreditSmart financial education curriculum.  It includes sample discussion questions, activities, knowledge checks, a glossary of terms, and more. You can use the Instructor Guide alone, or as an adjunct to the CreditSmart curriculum. For your convenience, you can download the Instructor Guide.

Participant Presentation

The Participant Presentation is the Instructor Guide companion. Each participant receives a Participant Presentation so they can follow along with your workshop presentation and take notes. A glossary of terms is found in the back. For your convenience, you can download the Participant Presentation here.

Consumer Booklet

An abridged version of the CreditSmart Asian curriculum can be found in this smaller booklet format. This version provides a condensed yet thorough examination of all of the topics covered in the curriculum, from credit to homeownership preservation. The consumer booklet also makes a good consumer resource at events, like housing fairs, festivals, etc.

CreditSmart 12-Module Financial Education Curriculum

Consumers can utilize our CreditSmart 12-module financial education curriculum in English and Spanish to help them achieve their financial and homeownership goals.

Workshop Activities and Reinforcers

Exercises, games, and other activities are great reinforcers for learning. Be sure to incorporate them into your lesson plans.

Workshop Sign-In-Sheet

It's a good idea to record workshop participation so that you have a history of your activity and so that you can contact them, if they agree, for follow-up support. Download the Sign-in Sheet here.

Workshop Certificate of Completion

At the end of your workshop, it is a good idea to provide your attendees with a certificate they can take home. For your convenience, we've developed a Certificate of Completion for your workshop participants.

Workshop Evaluation

It is important to ask each participant to complete the Workshop Evaluation that is found in the back of the Participant Presentation. Once your participants have returned the completed form to you, please send all of the forms to Freddie Mac, c/o Market Research, 8200 Jones Branch Drive, McLean, VA 22102. These evaluations allow Freddie Mac to continuously improve the CreditSmart curriculum.

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