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January 2008 MTN Other Details

(Values converted to US Dollars)

CUSIP/ISIN Trade Date Amount Issued Issued Currency Structure Coupon Coupon Profile Type Maturity Date Instrument Type Call/Put Call Type Next Call Date
Total Issuance 116,069,000                  
3128X6ZW9 01/10/2008 27,097,000 USD 5 YR 8.871 Fixed 12/28/2012 MTN   N/A N/A
3128X6H66 01/23/2008 15,000,000 USD 2.5YR 0.000 Zero 08/05/2010 MTN   N/A N/A
3128X6H74 01/23/2008 21,500,000 USD 2 YR 2.540 Fixed 01/28/2010 MTN   N/A N/A
3128X6R32 01/29/2008 52,472,000 USD 6 YR 8.090 Fixed 07/28/2013 MTN   N/A N/A
1All figures are estimates based on Freddie Mac's unaudited internal reports and are subject to change. Totals may not recalculate due to rounding.
2All figures represent face amounts in USD. These figures could differ significantly from proceeds, amortized principal amount and book value figures, particularly for zero-coupon securities.
3Effective date for inclusion in the reported period is trade date.
4For non-dollar denominated instruments, the U.S. Dollar amounts reflected in the table above are based on the exchange rate at issuance.


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