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Recently Called Issues

Freddie Mac has redeemed the following debentures on the dates specified below with payments made to holders of record on the dates specified below. Payment of the principal amount of the debentures, together with interest accrued on such principal amount to the redemption date, shall be made to the holders of the debentures on the books and records of the Federal Reserve Bank as of the close of business of the record date below.

As Of COB 08/14/2018

ISIN Number
Security Type Maturity Date Coupon Principal Amount Called Price Record Date Call Date Notification Date Call Type
3134GAUY8 MTN Step 10/26/2018 N/A 50,000,000 100 07/25/2018 07/26/2018 07/19/2018 Bermudan
3134GAL51 MTN Step 01/25/2019 N/A 25,000,000 100 07/24/2018 07/25/2018 07/18/2018 Bermudan
3134GAL77 MTN Step 07/01/2020 N/A 20,000,000 100 06/29/2018 07/02/2018 06/25/2018 European
3134GAJS4 MTN Step 09/28/2018 N/A 50,000,000 100 06/27/2018 06/28/2018 06/21/2018 Bermudan


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