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Legal Documentation

Adobe's Acrobat Reader Plug-in is required to view the files accessible from this page, which have been created in PDF format.

Freddie Mac provides legal documentation for debt offerings in the form of programmatic disclosure or documentation, together with Pricing Supplements that provide the specific terms for individual offerings. You may access this information through the following links.

Programmatic Documentation for Global Debt and Reference Notes® Securities Debentures, Medium Term Notes, Discount Notes® and FreddieNotes® Securities
Global Debt Facility Agreement
February 15, 2018
Global Debt Facility Offering Circular
February 15, 2018
Discount Note Agreement
February 15, 2018

Prior versions of programmatic documentation are available on the Historical Legal Documentation page.

Subordinated Debt – Payment of principal and interest on Freddie Mac Debt Securities that are designated as Subordinated Debt Securities is subordinated to the prior payment in full on Freddie Mac senior Debt Securities. Disclosure for Subordinated Debt, in the form of a Pricing Supplement for each issue, is available at the Freddie SUBS® page.

No Warranties; Limitation of Liability

Although Freddie Mac attempts to provide useful information, Freddie Mac does not guarantee that the information posted on or linked to any Freddie Mac Web site is accurate, current or suitable for any particular purpose. Freddie Mac assumes no obligation to update or continue to post or link to the information. Freddie Mac does not guarantee that access to any Freddie Mac Web site will be uninterrupted, or that a Freddie Mac Web site cannot be tampered with by third parties. While Freddie Mac has implemented security measures designed to protect most information sent to the Freddie Mac Web sites, Freddie Mac does not guarantee that information sent to a Freddie Mac Web site will not be obtained, reviewed, disclosed or tampered with by third parties.

No Offer or Solicitation of Securities. Freddie Mac operates several Web sites, any one of which may include information related to, or referenced in the offering documentation for, certain Freddie Mac securities, including offering circulars and related supplements and agreements. Freddie Mac securities may not be eligible for offer or sale in certain jurisdictions or to certain persons. The Information is provided for your general information only, is current only as of its specified date and does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy securities. All Information regarding or relating to Freddie Mac securities is qualified in its entirety by the relevant offering circular and any related supplements. Investors should review the relevant offering circular and any related supplements before making a decision with respect to the purchase or sale of any security. In addition, before purchasing any security, please consult your legal and financial advisors for information about and analysis of the security, its risks and its suitability as an investment in your particular circumstances.

The financial and other information contained in the documents that may be accessed on this page speaks only as of the date of those documents. The information could be out of date and no longer accurate. Freddie Mac does not undertake an obligation, and disclaims any duty, to update any of the information in those documents. Freddie Mac's future performance, including financial performance, is subject to various risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from expectations. The factors that could affect the company's future results are discussed more fully in our reports filed with the SEC.

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