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Freddie SUBS® Credit Ratings

As of August 8, 2011

In order to provide investors with an independent assessment of credit risk, each issue of Freddie SUBS securities is publicly rated by Moody's Investors Service, Inc., Standard & Poor's Credit Market Services, a division of The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. and Fitch Ratings, Inc.

Freddie SUBS securities are currently rated

  • Aa2 / Negative by Moody's
  • A / Negative by Standard & Poor's
  • AA- by Fitch

Freddie Mac has the following additional ratings

  • Freddie Mac's senior long-term debt is rated Aaa/Negative by Moody's, AA+/Negative by Standard & Poor's and AAA by Fitch.
  • Freddie Mac's senior short-term debt is rated Prime-1 by Moody's, A-1+ by Standard & Poor's and F1+ by Fitch.
  • Freddie Mac's preferred stock is rated Ca by Moody's, C by Standard & Poor's and C/RR6 by Fitch.
  • Freddie Mac has received an E+ Moody's Financial Strength rating. Ratings range from A, the highest, to E.

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