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Additional Datasets

We conduct  a variety of additional research and analysis that we make available to the public.  This information provides ongoing insight into activities and trends in the housing market and the broader economy.

Annual ARMs survey

This annual survey covers primary market interest rates on several ARM products, including "hybrid" ARMs. The survey captures initial interest rate, margin, points and fees charged, and length of initial time before first adjustment.

The Federal Cost of Funds Index (COFI)

COFI is used as a benchmark for some types of mortgage loans and securities. It is calculated as the sum of the monthly average interest rates for marketable Treasury bills and for marketable Treasury notes, divided by two, and rounded to three decimal places.

Refinance and ARM Shares Survey

Once a month, as part of the weekly Primary Mortgage Market Survey®, Freddie Mac collects the Refinance and ARM share of applications, as reported by lenders who participate in the survey. As of January 2014, the Monthly Refinance and ARM Shares information has been discontinued.

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