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Insight & Outlook Archive

Date PublishedMonthly Insight & Outlook
February 2016 Knowledge is Good
January 2016 Buy-to-Rent Goes Big Time? Maybe.
December 2015 Marketplace Lending: The Final Frontier?
November 2015 Mass Production and Mortgages
October 2015 Not very deep in the heart of Texas
September 2015 Student loans and homeownership
August 2015 Are House Prices Too High In Your Neighborhood?
July 2015 Low Down Payments: It is Different This Time
June 2015 Pivoting Toward Normalcy
May 2015 Can Housing Handle Higher Mortgage Rates?
April 2015 Great Expectations
March 2015 Homebuying Season
February 2015 Interest Rate Tension
January 2015 Preparing for 2015 Housing Market Opportunities
December 2014 A Look Back at Five Predictions for 2014
November 2014 2015: The Purchase Market Strengthens
October 2014 L.I.F.T. Off
September 2014 Multifamily on the Move
August 2014 Housing: The Path Forward
July 2014 The Bitter and the Sweet
June 2014 2014: A Mid-Year Assessment
May 2014 Demand and Supply
April 2014 Demand Drivers
March 2014 Will Job Growth Propel an Emerging Purchase Market?
February 2014 Will Housing Take Gold?
January 2014 Taking the Temperature of the Market
December 2013 Diverging Homebuyer Affordability
November 2013 2014: The Emerging Purchase Market
October 2013 Will the Economic Recovery Shut Down?
September 2013 Apartment Buildings on Solid Ground
August 2013 Growing Pains as the Recovery Turns Four
July 2013 Taper Talk Trumps
June 2013 What Happens When Interest Rates Rise?
May 2013 Where’s the Juice?
April 2013 Building a Lasting Recovery
March 2013 From Gloom to Bloom
February 2013 Showing Some Love
January 2013 Fiscal Uncertainty
December 2012 Peering Into 2013
November 2012 98.6°
October 2012 QE3 in Motion
September 2012 Energy
August 2012 The Shadow
July 2012 Housing: Getting Back to Work
June 2012 Rental Markets: A Sign of Strength
May 2012 Some Encouraging First-Quarter Signals
April 2012 'Noisy' Data
March 2012 The Awakening
February 2012 A Slow, Steady Path to Recovery
January 2012 Toasting the New Year with a Glass Half-Full
December 2011 Peering Into 2012
November 2011 Better Economic News & An Origination Boost
October 2011 Rental Housing on an Upswing
September 2011 Monetary and Fiscal Stimuli
August 2011 Whipsaw
July 2011 Soft Patch or Double Dip?
June 2011 The Doughnut or the Hole?
May 2011 Better, But Still Not Good Enough
April 2011 Spring in the Market
March 2011 Job Market News is One Step Forward in a Long Journey
February 2011 A Slow Thaw: The Job Market in Mid-Winter
January 2011 A Slow Start to the New Year, But Better News Ahead


Note: Between August 2007 and April 2009 Freddie Mac did not publish monthly commentary.

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