This online tool will help you become familiar with Loan Product Advisor’s data entry fields. Loan Product Advisor is Freddie Mac’s automated underwriting system (AUS). The information provided in this tool applies generally to all Loan Product Advisor users, whether you are entering data directly into the Loan Product Advisor interface, or importing data from your system. 

If you are using a loan origination system (LOS) that interfaces with the Loan Product Advisor credit engine, the field names your system displays may differ from the corresponding Loan Product Advisor field names.  The field groupings and the order in which you enter information may also vary.

Navigating this Tool

Use the left navigation bar to move around this tool and explore the pages within Loan Product Advisor.  Click on specifics fields within the pages to learn more about those fields.

Click here to begin your tour of this tool at the Find and Modify Existing Loans/New Loan page.

Additional Resources

For Loan Product Advisor users, online help is also available for just-in-time training to answer your questions while you work. See additional resources to learn more about the application: