Example: Loan Purchase Statement
Cash, Fixed Rate, Servicing Retained

The total disbursement for this type of contract is calculated as follows: 


Add or Subtract


Principal Purchased


Accrued Interest


$        174.56*

Total Fees


$     2,992.50*

Premium (Discount)


$     7,152.07*

This amount is added or deducted to/from the Total Disbursement depending on the base price: 

  • If the base price is below 100%, this is the Discount and the amount is deducted (a minus). 
  • If the base price is above 100%, this is a Premium and the amount is added, (a plus).

Total Disbursement


$203,834.13 (Amount wired to the Seller)

*If this amount is enclosed in parentheses, it is deducted from the Total Disbursement.