Learn about the Loan Purchase Statement

The loan purchase statement is a summary record of the total sale. For each sale you receive one or more Loan Purchase Statement(s).

You can view, print or save (as a PDF) the Loan Purchase Statement directly from Loan Selling Advisor by accessing the View Settlement Statements functionality. The statement is available as follows:


Execution Path Date Available in Loan Selling Advisor

All Cash executions

On the Freddie Mac Funding/Settlement Date. This is the date Freddie Mac disburses funds to the Seller for mortgages purchased.

All Guarantor executions

On the first day of the Settlement Cycle.


The loan purchase statement provides summary information on the mortgage(s) sold to Freddie Mac.

  • The top section of the Statement:  Contains general information such as Seller, Servicer and Contract specific details. 
  • The Settlement Summary section: Provides loan-level, settlement summary information.  Serviers rely on this information for Investor Accounting and Reconciliation purposes.
  • The Servicing Released Proceeds Summary section only applies to mortgages sold for cash through the Servicing Released Sales Process:  Provides a Servicing Released, loan-level proceeds summary.  The amounts in this section (sometimes known as funding adjustments) are deducted, if applicable, from the total amount disbursed to the seller and are automatically wired to the servicing buyer.  Refer to Seller/Servicer Guide Chapter 6101 and Exhibit 28A.