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Buying a Freddie Mac-Owned Property

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One of the first places you may want begin your home search is at Freddie Mac's HomeSteps®, the real estate sales unit of Freddie Mac. HomeSteps offers you a variety of desirable and affordable properties with the opportunity to receive attractive homebuyer discounts and buy before investors are permitted to buy.

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HomeSteps First Look

In an effort to help stabilize communities and support the nation’s housing recovery, Freddie Mac's First Look® Initiative gives homebuyers like you the ability to purchase a HomeSteps home during its initial 20 days of listing (30 days in Nevada), without competition from investors. You do not need to be a first-time homebuyer as long as the home is your primary or secondary residence. Purchasers who do not intend to occupy the home or intend to use it for investment purposes (e.g., renting)  are not eligible for the First Look Initiative but can submit offers that will be considered once the First Look period has expired.

The HomeSteps Difference

One of the ways HomeSteps assists you in buying a clean, safe, desirable home is by requiring its supplier network to adhere to the HomeSteps Good Neighbor Practices.These include:

  • Maintaining a staff of Regional Area Managers who conduct random property inspections and provide listing brokers with scorecards on security of the home, exterior/interior cleaning, active utilities and proper signage.
  • Conducting regular communication and training with their listing brokers and property maintenance vendors.
  • Empowering HomeSteps listing brokers to immediately address safety concerns.

HomeSteps wants you to feel confident about your decision to buy, and have the peace of mind you expect and deserve from your new home. Start your search now.

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