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Offering Identifier Codes

In order to ensure that you can assess Home Possible Mortgages in Loan Prospector®, you may need to prepare your systems, depending on how you access Loan Prospector.

If you use Loan Prospector browser access method directly, you can assess Home Possible® Mortgages by selecting one of the following Home Possible Offering Identifiers from the Loan Prospector "Offering Identifier" drop-down list:

  • Home Possible 97 (Offering Identifier Code: 241)
  • Home Possible NH Solution 97 (Offering Identifier Code: 243)

If you do not enter the appropriate offering identifier the loan will not be eligible for our Home Possible offering.

Accessing Via an LOS

We've been working with loan origination system (LOS) vendors to ensure that they have the necessary information for their systems to be flexible, so you can properly enter the appropriate Home Possible Offering Identifier in the "Offering Identifier" field found in Loan Prospector.

If you can't select or enter the new Home Possible Offering Identifier Codes, please contact your LOS vendor to determine when they will be ready.

LOS vendors have design this field to allow maximum user flexibility to enter data. This flexibility allows you to originate new offerings that we introduce to the market without relying on an LOS update. With this flexibility, you can take advantage of this offering immediately. If your vendor has not designed this field to be flexible, we encourage you to talk with them about this field's importance in your ability to stay competitive. We expect to introduce additional products that use this field.

If your LOS is not updated, you can originate Home Possible Mortgages directly through browser access method at Just go to the web-browser and enter your loan data Or, if your LOS allows you to import your loan data directly into, you can import your data and select the appropriate Home Possible Offering Identifier code.

For More Information

  •  View a factsheet
  • Contact your Loan Prospector technology sales representative
  • Call Loan Prospector Customer Service
    • Wholesale Lenders call: (800) FREDDIE [(800) 373-3343]
    • Third-Party Originators call: (888) LP ON WEB [(888) 576-6932]

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