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Home Possible RISE Awards

Rise Home Possible Awards

What does it mean to RISE?

We're Recognizing Individuals for Sustained Excellence with Freddie Mac Home Possible® mortgage. The Home Possible RISE AwardsSM is an annual program that recognizes customers, correspondent lenders and brokers, as well as the top originators within each organization who produce Home Possible loans across various categories.

Award Winners

Click on an award category to learn more about the winners.

Who RISEs to the top

Award winners and their Home Possible stories are promoted throughout the year, receive a marketing kit, are eligible to win a registration at FreddieMacCONNECT, and more.


How YOU can become an award winner next year

  Expert advice from Danny Gardner, Senior Vice President,
Affordable Lending and Access to Credit

6 Tips to RISE

  1. Get started today: You could win the RISE Award for New Originator. Contact 800-FREDDIE if you have questions about how to jumpstart your Home Possible business.

  2. Know the details: Make sure your loan originators know the ins and outs of Home Possible and Loan Product Advisor®. We offer live webinars and a wealth of resources to help you succeed.

  3. Compare and contrast: Know the benefits of Home Possible over other low down payment products in the market. For example, with Home Possible, the mortgage insurance can be cancelled after the loan balance drops below 80 percent of the home's appraised value. This means more funds can be applied toward the principal upfront and lets the borrower build equity faster.

  4. Collaborate within the ecosystem: Take extra steps to create awareness and train local business partners and members of the community on Home Possible. We notice, and your efforts could lead to winning the next RISE Award for Education.

  5. Use helpful tools: Use the Home Possible Income & Eligibility Tool to see if your borrowers can qualify for a Home Possible mortgage based on the property location and the borrowers' qualifying income.

  6. Connect with us: Learn how to grow your affordable lending business. Stay informed and sign up for our communications.

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