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Stories behind the originations

RISE Home Possible Awards

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Stories behind the originations

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Matthew Rundle
Westin Mortgage

Duty bound to making home possible

Maria Metzgar
Mountain West Financial

Myth-busting is a big part of being a successful loan officer

Nick Street
Mountain West Financial

Educating borrowers on how to make their dreams a reality

Nathan Rufty
Mountain West Financial

Changing demographics and the unique needs of borrowers – viewpoint from a long-time loan officer

Clay Brown

Affordable lending champions see results

Sharon Altman

A strong housing ecosystem helps homebuyers reach their goals

Michael Mattila
River Valley Bank

Clearing barriers to homeownership

Michelle Aponte
PERL Mortgage

Making home possible for a multi-unit property

Beth Lewis
PERL Mortgage

Getting borrowers the better low down payment deal

Sharbel Shamoon
PERL Mortgage

Open communication is how we succeed

Sandra Braswell

A culture of celebrating affordable lending


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