Freddie Mac
8200 Jones Branch Drive
McLean, Virginia 22102


May 7, 2007

Dear Freddie Mac Stockholder:

     We are pleased to invite you to attend Freddie Mac's annual stockholders' meeting to be held on Friday, June 8, 2007, at 9:00 a.m. at the Freddie Mac campus, 8000 Jones Branch Drive, McLean, Virginia 22102. The Proxy Statement and Notice of Annual Meeting of Stockholders accompanying this letter describes the business to be transacted at the meeting. This Proxy Statement and the accompanying proxy card are first being mailed to stockholders on May 7, 2007.

     We hope you will be able to attend the annual meeting and urge you to read the enclosed Proxy Statement and Notice, as well as the accompanying Information Statement and Annual Report to Stockholders and the audited financial statements included in the Annual Report, for information about Freddie Mac and the annual meeting. Please complete, sign and return the enclosed proxy card, or vote by Internet or by telephone, at your earliest convenience. Sending your proxy card, or voting by Internet or by telephone, will not affect your right to vote your shares personally if you do attend the meeting. Please indicate whether you plan to attend the meeting on the proxy card.


Richard F. Syron
Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive officer