Our annual meeting of stockholders will be held on June 8, 2007, at 9:00 a.m. at the Freddie Mac office located at 8000 Jones Branch Drive, McLean, Virginia 22102, for the purposes of:

(1) electing 13 members to our Board of Directors, each for a term ending on the date of our next annual meeting;

(2) ratifying the appointment by the Audit Committee of our Board of Directors of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP as our independent auditors for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2007;

(3) approving the amendment and restatement of the 1995 Directors' Stock Compensation Plan; and

(4) transacting any other business that may properly come before the meeting or any adjournment thereof.


March 30, 2007 is the record date for the annual meeting. This means that owners of Freddie Mac common stock at the close of business on that date are entitled to receive notice of the meeting, and vote at the meeting or any meeting adjournment.

Stockholders of record on the record date will be admitted to the meeting with photo identification and verification of stock ownership (as described in "Annual Meeting Admission" below).


Attendance is limited to stockholders, including persons holding proxies from stockholders, and one guest each. Invited representatives of the media may attend the meeting.


Registration begins at 8:00 a.m. A valid photo identification and proof of stock ownership must be presented in order to attend the meeting.

If your shares are registered in your name, you should bring the bottom half of the proxy card, which is your admission ticket. If you hold Freddie Mac stock in the name of a broker, trust, bank or other nominee ("street name"), you must bring a copy of an account statement reflecting your stock ownership as of the record date. If you plan to attend as the proxy of a stockholder, you must present valid proof of proxy. Cameras, recording devices and other electronic devices are not permitted at the meeting.


If you are not able to attend the meeting in person, you may listen to a live webcast of the meeting on the Internet by visiting http://www.freddiemac.com/investors at 9:00 a.m. on June 8, 2007. You will not be able to ask questions unless you attend the meeting in person.


The annual meeting will be held at the Freddie Mac campus. The campus consists of several buildings, so please take note that 8000 Jones Branch Drive is the address of the building where the meeting will be held.

Reserved parking will be available for annual meeting attendees. Security measures will require that photo identification and your admission ticket or proof of stock ownership (as described in "Annual Meeting Admission" above) be presented to the security guard in order to access the reserved parking area.

     Our Board of Directors recommends that you vote "FOR" the election of directors, the ratification of the appointment of our independent auditors and the amendment and restatement of the 1995 Directors' Stock Compensation Plan.

     Your vote is important. Please vote your proxy promptly so your shares can be represented at the annual meeting, even if you plan to attend the annual meeting. You can vote by Internet, by telephone, or by using the enclosed proxy card. Please see your proxy card for specific instructions on how to vote.

     Our proxy tabulator, Computershare Trust Company N.A., must receive any proxy that will not be delivered in person to the annual meeting by 11:59 p.m., eastern time, on Thursday, June 7, 2007.

     You have the power to revoke a proxy at any time before its exercise by giving the Corporate Secretary of Freddie Mac written notice of your revocation, by submitting a later dated proxy or by voting your shares in person at the annual meeting.

     The accompanying Proxy Statement contains information describing each matter we expect to be presented for action at the annual meeting.

By Order of the Board of Directors,

Robert E. Bostrom
Executive Vice President, General Counsel and
    Corporate Secretary

Dated: May 7, 2007
McLean, Virginia