General Provisions

     10.1 Consideration. Options, Restricted Stock, and Restricted Stock Units will be granted under the Plan in order to obtain for the Corporation the benefit of the services of Participants and, except for such services and the payment of the exercise price of an Option, no other consideration shall be required in connection with such Awards. The consideration for Common Stock issued or delivered pursuant to a Participant's Stock Election or in settlement of Deferred Stock granted pursuant to a Participant's Stock Election will be the Participant's services during the period to which the Compensation paid in the form of Common Stock or Deferred Stock relates.

     10.2 Compliance With Laws and Obligations. The Corporation shall not be obligated to issue or deliver Common Stock in connection with any Award or take any other action under the Plan in a transaction subject to any federal or state law, any requirement under any listing agreement between the Corporation and any national securities exchange or automated quotation system, or any other law, regulation, or contractual obligation of the Corporation, until the Corporation is satisfied that such laws, regulations, and other obligations of the Corporation have been complied with in full. Certificates representing shares of Common Stock delivered under the Plan will be subject to such stop transfer orders and other restrictions as may be applicable under such laws, regulations, and other obligations of the Corporation, including any requirement that a legend or legends be placed thereon. In addition, the Corporation may affix to any shares issued as Restricted Stock an appropriate legend reflecting the restrictions imposed under the Plan. The Corporation shall make best efforts to satisfy the compliance obligations relating to the Plan and Awards in order to avoid adverse effects on Participants under this Section 10.2.

     10.3 No Right to Continued Membership. Neither the Plan nor any action taken hereunder shall be construed as (i) giving any Director the right to be retained as a member of the Board of the Corporation, or (ii) interfering in any way with the right of the Corporation to terminate any Director's membership at any time. Except as expressly provided in the Plan and an Award Document, neither the Plan nor any Award Document shall confer on any person other than the Corporation and the Participant any rights or remedies hereunder or thereunder.

10.4 Changes to the Plan and Awards.

     (a) Plan Amendments. The Committee may, with prospective or retroactive effect, amend, alter, suspend, discontinue, or terminate the Plan without the consent of stockholders or Participants, except that any amendment shall be subject to the approval of the Corporation's stockholders at or before the first annual meeting of stockholders for which the record date falls on or after the date of such Committee action if such amendment is required under Section 303A.08 of the Listed Company Manual of the New York Stock Exchange or is otherwise subject to a requirement of stockholder approval under any applicable law or regulation, the rules of any stock exchange or automated quotation system on which the Common Stock may then be listed or quoted, or the Corporation's Bylaws. In addition, the Committee may otherwise, in its discretion, determine that any other such changes to the Plan also shall be subject to the approval of the Corporation's stockholders. The foregoing notwithstanding, without the consent of an affected Participant, except to the extent required by Section 10.2 hereof, no such action may materially impair the rights of such Participant under any Award theretofore granted. The foregoing notwithstanding, the Committee shall not adopt a material amendment to this Section or Section 4.1, or adopt an amendment that would be subject to stockholder approval under this Section or otherwise would exceed the authority of the Committee under its charter and other corporate governance documents of the Corporation, without the approval of the Board.

     (b) Changes to the Terms of Outstanding Awards. The Committee may waive any conditions or rights under, or amend, alter, suspend, discontinue, or terminate, any Award previously granted and any Award Document relating thereto; provided, however, that, except to the extent required by Section 10.2 hereof, no such action may materially impair the rights of a Participant under such Award without the consent of the affected Participant, and provided further that, for Awards that are intended to be settled in Common Stock per their written terms, cash settlement should be rare and only in response to circumstances that are unique, outside of the Participant's control, and perceived to result in a hardship to the Participant. Unless otherwise determined by the Committee, such cash settlements must receive prior approval of the Corporation's Chief Financial officer. Modifications that are in substance cash settlements are subject to this same requirement. The foregoing notwithstanding, the Committee shall have no authority to waive or modify any Award term after the Award has been granted to the extent the waived or modified term would be inconsistent with Section 3.4 (or otherwise would not be within the discretion of the Committee if it were then granting a new Award).

     10.5 Governing Law. The validity, construction, and effect of the Plan, any resolution or program implementing the Plan, any rules and regulations under the Plan, and any Award Document will be determined in accordance with the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation Act of 1970, other federal laws regulating the Corporation, and other laws of the United States. This Plan and the respective rights and obligations of the Corporation and the Participants, except to the extent otherwise provided by Federal law, shall be construed under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia (without giving effect to principles of conflicts of laws). The validity, enforceability and effectiveness of any electronic records or electronic signatures used in connection with any Award Document shall be governed by E-SIGN or the Virginia UETA, as applicable.

10.6 Certain Limitations on Awards to Ensure Compliance with Code Section 409A.

     (a) 409A Deferrals. Other provisions of the Plan notwithstanding, the terms of any Award that constitutes a deferral of compensation for purposes of Code Section 409A (a "409A Deferral"), including any authority of the Corporation and rights of the Participant with respect to the 409A Award, shall be limited to those terms permitted under Section 409A, and any terms not permitted under Section 409A shall be automatically modified and limited to the extent necessary to conform with Section 409A. The following rules will apply to 409A Awards (and other Awards, as indicated):

     (i) If a Participant is permitted to make a deferral election in connection with the 409A Deferral, including an election to defer Compensation, such election will be permitted only at times in compliance with Section 409A (including transition rules thereunder);

     (ii) The Committee may, in its discretion, require or permit on an elective basis a change in the distribution terms applicable to 409A Awards, and any other Award that qualifies for the short-term deferral exemption under Section 409A, during 2006 and 2007 in accordance with, and to the fullest extent permitted by, Proposed Treasury Regulation Û 1.409A (including Preamble Û XI.C) and IRS Notice 2005-1, and at any time in accordance with Section 409A and regulations thereunder. The head of Human Resources of the Corporation is authorized to modify any such outstanding Awards to permit election of different deferral periods, provided that any such modifications may not otherwise increase the benefits to Participants or the costs of such Awards to the Corporation;

     (iii) The Corporation shall have no authority to accelerate distributions relating to 409A Awards in excess of the authority permitted under Section 409A;

     (iv) Any distribution of a 409A Award triggered by a Participant's termination of service and intended to qualify under Section 409A(a)(2)(A)(i) shall be made only at the time that the Participant has had a "separation from service" within the meaning of Section 409A(a)(2)(A)(i) (or earlier at such time, after a termination of service as a Director, that there occurs another event triggering a distribution under the Plan or the applicable Award agreement in compliance with Section 409A), and any such distribution shall otherwise comply with 409A; and

     (v) In the case of any distribution of a 409A Award, if the timing of such distribution is not otherwise specified in the Plan or an Award agreement or other governing document, the distribution shall be made not later than 75 days after the date at which the settlement of the Award is specified to occur.

     (b) Distributions Upon Vesting. In the case of any Award providing for a distribution upon the lapse of a risk of forfeiture, if the timing of such distribution is not otherwise specified in the Plan or an Award Document or other governing document, the distribution shall be made not later than March 15 of the year following the year in which the risk of forfeiture lapsed.

     (c) Scope and Application of this Provision. For purposes of this Section 10.6, references to a term or event (including any authority or right of the Corporation or a Participant) being "permitted" under Section 409A mean that the term or event will not cause the Participant to be deemed to be in constructive receipt of compensation relating to the 409A Award prior to the distribution of shares or cash or other property or to be liable for payment of interest or a tax penalty under Section 409A.

     10.7 Continued Service as an Employee. If a Participant ceases serving as a Director and, immediately thereafter, is employed by the Corporation or any affiliate, then, solely for purposes of Sections 7.3 and 8.3 of the Plan, such Participant will not be deemed to have ceased service as a Director at that time, and his or her continued employment by the Corporation or any subsidiary will be deemed to be continued service as a Director; provided, however, that such former Director will not be eligible for additional Awards under the Plan.

     10.8 Plan Termination; Effect of Amendment and Restatement. The amendment and restatement of the Plan shall be effective upon its approval by the stockholders of the Corporation by an affirmative vote that meets the requirements of the Corporation's Bylaws and the Listed Company Manual of the New York Stock Exchange then in effect. Unless earlier terminated by action of the Board or Committee, the Plan will remain in effect until such time as no Common Stock remains available for delivery under the Plan and the Corporation has no further rights or obligations under the Plan with respect to outstanding Awards. No Awards shall be made under the Plan, including pursuant to Article IX, after the Corporation's Annual Meeting of Stockholders in 2017. Any Award granted prior to the effectiveness of the Amendment and Restatement of the Plan on March 3, 2007 shall be governed by the terms of Articles VII and VIII of the Plan (as applicable) as in effect at the time such Award was granted.