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Guide to the Monthly Volume Summary

The Monthly Volume Summary (MVS) reports monthly and year-to-date activity and other statistical data for Freddie Mac's Total Mortgage, Mortgage-Related Investments, and Guaranteed Participation Certificate (PC), Structured Securities Issued, and Other Mortgage Guarantees portfolios. Activity and ending balances are based on unpaid principal balances and exclude mortgage loans and mortgage-related securities traded, but not yet settled. For PCs and Structured Securities, balances reflect security balances based on the monthly PC factor report. Freddie Mac mortgage-related securities include PCs, REMICs and Other Structured securities and Other Guarantee Transactions. Effective January 1, 2010, we adopted amendments to the accounting standards for transfers of financial assets and consolidation of VIEs, which resulted in significant changes to our financial statements. However, we continue to present information in this monthly volume summary on the same basis as prior to January 1, 2010. The MVS also provides monthly debt activities, delinquencies, other investments and interest-rate risk sensitivity disclosures.

MVS Guide 1
MVS Guide 2

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