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Cash-Released XChange

Fundamentals of Cash-Released XChangeSM

This tutorial highlights the fundamentals of the Cash-Released XChangeSM process for mortgages sold servicing-released. You'll learn about the key steps for taking out a contract and contract fulfillment.

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Investor Reporting Change Initiative Implementation

Sign up for this webinar that highlights loan transactions, edits and drafting of funds as well as what you can do to prepare for the May 2019 implementation of the investor reporting changes.

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Rural Properties

Reviewing Rural Properties

Register for this webinar to learn about how our general property eligibility requirements apply to properties in rural areas using case studies, tips and best practices, and address common misconceptions around rural properties.

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Rental Income Requirements

Sign up for this webinar to learn about the expansions made to our rental income requirements. We'll highlight added specificity for analysis of rental income, and address housing industry trends in the rental market.

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Self-Employed: Beyond the Basics

Register for this webinar to examine various case studies involving business tax returns, Guide requirements, and factors that can affect qualifying monthly income.

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