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Approved Single-Family Customers – Getting Started

If you are a new or newly re-activated Seller/Servicer and ready to get started, our introductory training is recorded and available 24/7. Listen to the Getting Started with Freddie Mac tutorial to help you get your organization ready to do business with Freddie Mac. It will walk you through customizing a checklist specifically for you to help you determine the technology you will need and forms required to start doing business with us.

The Single-Family Seller/Servicer Guide (Guide) contains Freddie Mac's selling and servicing requirements. AllRegs® offers the official electronic version of the Guide. Take advantage of the following resources to learn more about using the Guide:

The following interactive resources will help you navigate every phase of the secondary mortgage process, regardless of your role or function. Learn at your own pace and access this information as often as needed. Select the function you perform and begin your recommended training path:

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