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Business Intelligence

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Monitor your loan quality throughout the origination process.

NEW: Award-winning Business Intelligence automated collateral evaluation (ACE) dashboards provide analytical insight to help optimize your loan’s eligibility for ACE.

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Relevant Data

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Business Intelligence is revolutionary. It enables you to easily monitor your loan data and quickly identify trends or anomalies. If you drill deeper into the data, you can zero in on specific errors to determine if you should make changes to your business processes to help you produce high-quality loans.

  • Uses modern data visualizations to help you spot trends easily and catch mistakes.

  • Monitors the quality of your loans so you can make informed, data-driven improvements to your loan production processes.

  • Improves your operations and loan quality, reducing repurchase risk and enhancing your ability to receive representation and warranty relief sooner in the loan production process.

Leverage Loan Data

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Business Intelligence collects and displays loan activity data across Loan Advisor Suite and within its individual tools to help you analyze and monitor your loan quality.

You can access Business Intelligence only through the Loan Advisor Suite portal.

  • Offers pipeline reports and trending information on your loan activity.

  • Provides integrated Loan Advisor Suite-level and product-specific data views.

  • Allows ability to drill down to specific loan-level details within each report.

  • Includes quick, easy-to-understand snapshot summaries of your loan activity data in interactive dashboards.

  • Each dashboard can consist of one or multiple reports. You can select filters to narrow your results, select time periods, drill down into key metrics and loan-level details.

  • Requires little, if any, training. The dashboards are intuitive and self-explanatory.

In the future, Business Intelligence will offer:

  • Peer comparisons – Reports to give you a view of how your loan activity compares with peer segments.

  • Mobile application – Access the tool from a mobile device.

  • Cross-suite dashboards – View reports that reflect your loan activity across multiple Loan Advisor Suite applications.

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