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Business Intelligence FAQ

Business Intelligence Icon Business Intelligence

Find answers and advice for Freddie Mac's tool for monitoring loan quality.

General Business Intelligence Questions

What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence is a new capability within Loan Advisor Suite. It uses interactive dashboards to report on your Freddie Mac loan activity during the loan manufacturing process.

What does Business Intelligence offer?

Business Intelligence offers reports with a view of how the quality of your loan submissions trend over time. Additional reports display error messages that can allow you to identify sources of issues in your loan activity, with current month and historical views. Additionally, you can view this data across various (or varying) time periods.

Why should I use Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence gives you quick, easy-to-understand snapshot summaries of your loan data allowing you to critique the quality and efficiency of your loan manufacturing process.

I want to use Business Intelligence. How do I access it?

If you're already provisioned as a Business Intelligence user, you can access it within the Loan Advisor Suite® portal by clicking on the "open" button next to Business Intelligence.

If you do not have access to Business Intelligence, and want to gain access via the Loan Advisor Suite portal, follow the same user provisioning process that you would for gaining access to other Loan Advisor Suite tools. For more information, click the "Learn More" buttons next to tools you are not authorized to use. Once you click the "Learn More" button, a pop-up window with a "Get Started" option will appear for that specific tool. If you click the "Get Started" button, you'll be taken to a page for information on how to sign up for to the tool.

Is Business Intelligence available for all Loan Advisor Suite tools?

No. Currently, only Loan Quality Advisor®, Loan Closing Advisor®, collateral representation and warranty relief and automated collateral evaluation (ACE) are integrated with Business Intelligence. Additional Loan Advisor Suite tools and offerings will be integrated at a later date.

Is Training Available for Business Intelligence?

Yes. While Business Intelligence is designed to be intuitive and many questions can be answered by online help, you can also reach out to the Customer Support Contact Center (800-FREDDIE) to request a product demonstration or additional information.

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