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Loan Coverage Advisor FAQ

Loan Coverage Advisor Icon Loan Coverage Advisor®

Find answers and advice for Freddie Mac's rep and warranty tracking tool.

General Loan Coverage Advisor Questions

What is Loan Coverage Advisor?

Loan Coverage Advisor tracks the representation and warranty obligations for every loan you sell to Freddie Mac.

How can I request access to Loan Coverage Advisor?

Simply visit the Loan Coverage Advisor web page, click “Get Started” and follow the path for lenders. Once you’ve completed the short online form, you will be contacted by a Freddie Mac representative.

Is there a fee to use Loan Coverage Advisor?

No. It’s free to sign up for and use Loan Coverage Advisor.

How can I view my rep and warranty relief information?

You can use the basic and advanced search tools to see loan level and event history records across all of your seller/servicer numbers. You can also use the Selling R&W Relief Date and Summary Relief Reports for both a detailed and summarized view of rep and warranty relief information across your entire portfolio.

Can I search for loans that have been relieved due to a satisfactory conclusion of a quality control review?

Yes. You can do all sorts of quick searches with Loan Coverage Advisor, including determining how and when your loans obtained rep and warranty relief. Using the Advanced Search function of the tool and searching by event type will yield the results for satisfactory quality control reviews.

What other loan-level information will I see?

Loan Coverage Advisor maintains critical loan-level information pertaining to events affecting rep and warranty obligations on every loan you sell to us. You can also quickly look up loan-level details on transfer of servicing transactions, mortgage insurance (MI), other credit enhancements and more.

In addition, you can search by MI criteria such as certification number, MI coverage, cancellation date or reason and MI company. The tool also offers detailed search capabilities for credit enhancements and other events like post-fund data corrections, delinquencies and other post-fund activity that may affect your rep and warranty obligations.

What reports are available?

In addition to the Selling R&W Relief Date and Summary Relief Reports, we also offer:

  • Newly Funded Loans – displays the rep and warranty relief date of recently funded loans in your portfolio
  • Projected Relief Date Trend Report – tracks month-to-month changes to your rep and warranty relief data, revealing trends across your portfolio to help you gauge confidence around expected relief dates

Can I look up loans using our own loan number?

Yes. You can perform searches using the following loan identifiers:

  • Freddie Mac loan number
  • Seller/Servicer number
  • Seller loan number
  • Servicer loan number
  • Master Commitment number

Are there Loan Coverage Advisor training or reference resources available?

Yes. Multiple training resources and opportunities are available. Please visit the Learning Center for more information, including on-demand self-study tutorials.

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