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Loan Collateral Advisor

Loan Collateral Advisor Icon Loan Collateral Advisor®

Analyze your appraisal quality and valuation risk.

Immediate certainty for collateral rep and warranty relief. Learn More

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Access Freddie Mac Loan Advisor Suite®

Accurate Evaluations

screen shot of the Loan Collateral Advisor interface


Loan Collateral Advisor® promotes appraisal quality by using data submitted to the Uniform Collateral Data Portal® (UCDP®) to analyze appraisal reports and provide you with Freddie Mac's view of their quality and valuation risk. You get:

Loan Collateral Advisor will:

  • Validate, manage and remediate appraisal issues with actionable messages received during the appraisal review.

  • Use robust search capabilities to quickly find the information you need.

  • Export results to use in reporting.

  • Increase your efficiency and reduce repurchase risk due to faulty appraisals.

Integration and Flexibility

screen shot of the Loan Collateral Advisor interface screen shot of the Loan Collateral Advisor interface

With seamless integration, appraisals submitted to Freddie Mac through UCDP automatically flow to Loan Collateral Advisor.

  • Performs collateral rep and warranty relief assessment.

  • Leverages multiple sources to help determine Freddie Mac’s view of the overall collateral risk of the appraisal.

  • Provides Freddie Mac’s assessment of risk on the appraisal quality and the valuation amount.

  • Produces Freddie Mac proprietary feedback that's shared in the UCDP. You’ll have flexibility on how to integrate the feedback into your operations.

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