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Loan Coverage Advisor

Loan Coverage Advisor Icon Loan Coverage Advisor®

Track the representation and warranty obligations for every loan you sell to us.

screen shot of the Loan Coverage Advisor interface
Access Freddie Mac Loan Advisor Suite®

Complete Loan Management

screen shot of the Loan Coverage Advisor interface

Loan Coverage Advisor calculates and tracks the selling representation and warranty relief date for every loan sold to Freddie Mac, based on the requirements under the representation and warranty framework. You can also use the tool to search for other critical loan-level information.

  • Pull information at any time and customize reports for easy reconciliation of your representation and warranty obligations.

  • Generate reports with summary information and loan-level data for a holistic view of your portfolio.

  • No system integration needed and no adoption cost involved.

  • Sign up for access and download information for free.

Greater Certainty

screen shot of the Loan Coverage Advisor interface

With Loan Coverage Advisor you can quickly generate reports or use its advanced search capabilities to export valuable loan-level information.

Here’s how the tool helps provide you with greater certainty:

  • Includes a single platform to view the projected and actual representation and warranty relief dates for loans sold to Freddie Mac.

  • Has rules-based calculations that accurately track the status of relief dates based on Version 1 and 2 of the representation and warranty framework.

  • Provides a variety of report options and advanced loan-level search capabilities to easily track loan events throughout the life of the loan, especially those that have impacted the relief dates or responsible parties.

  • Includes many different data elements associated with each loan, including transfer of servicing transactions, mortgage insurance and other credit enhancements to help in your business decisions.

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