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Loan Selling Advisor®

Loan Selling Advisor Loan Selling Advisor®

Integrates all secondary marketing functions, from pricing to funding, so you can easily deliver loans to us.

The Freddie Mac Selling System® is now Loan Selling Advisor® : new look and feel, but the same functionality and reliability you expect from the Selling System.

Screen shot of the Loan Selling Advisor interface
Access Freddie Mac Loan Advisor Suite®

Delivering Results

screen shot of the Loan Selling Advisor interface

Freddie Mac Loan Selling Advisor®, our solution for your pricing, contracting and loan delivery needs, helps you easily deliver loans to us with greater certainty that they meet our requirements.

  • A top-level navigation structure that’s easily accessible and always visible. - New

  • Clearer, cohesive and more actionable purchase edit messages that are also reflected in Loan Quality Advisor®. - New

  • Improved presentation of large tables for easier viewing and navigation. - New

  • Simplifies the selling process by integrating pricing, contracting, loan delivery and allocation, note certification and settlement functions into one system.

  • Provides real-time price quotes to help you determine your best execution.

  • Validates select appraisal data submitted through the Uniform Collateral Data Portal® to improve collateral data quality.

  • Provides custodial certification and warehouse lending support.

  • Allows historical data retrieval, export and reporting to support your process and audit needs.

  • Provides fully functional Customer Test Environment.

Easily Deliver Loans

screen shot of the Selling System interface

Its purchase eligibility and data quality evaluation edits help verify that the loans you deliver to us meet our requirements using a variety of executions.

  • Recategorized menu items for easier end-to-end system navigation. - New

  • Updated user guidance to be more concise, clear and consistent. - New

  • Optimized screen resolution. - New

  • Stacked closing/current/modification/conversion information on the loan screens – no more tabs to click through. - New

  • Upgraded search capability on loan screens to give you better results. - New

  • Allows for a variety of executions, including Cash and Guarantor or MultiLender Swap for eligible loan products.

  • Features a standardized dataset that uses Uniform Loan Delivery Dataset data points.

  • Provides for single or multi-loan delivery through either graphical user interface or import using XML file format.

  • Performs comprehensive evaluation edits against purchase eligibility and data quality requirements consistent with Loan Quality Advisor® purchase eligibility edits.

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