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Quality Control Advisor

Quality Control Advisor Icon Quality Control Advisor®

Manage your post-funding quality control and remedy process.

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Post-Funding Quality Control

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Quality Control Advisor is your end-to-end solution for managing the entire post-funding quality control and remedy process.

  • Check the status of a loan review so you know where it is in the loan file review and remedy process.

  • Upload up to 20 documents and loan files at a time, and get immediate confirmation that we've received the documents.

  • Quickly and easily view all outstanding documentation requests. Immediately learn the status of loan file reviews. Track defects and see sample and deficiency trends.

  • Easily adjust filters to view your loan review summaries. See your top 5 deficiencies, top 10 missing documents types and missing document rate. Adapt reports to what you want to see in a certain month.

  • View and download your QC sample to get a jump start on your loan file requests. Track the status of your QC samples and view loan review status.

Loan Review Transparency

screen shot of the Loan Collateral Advisor interface

Get a summary of your QC loan reviews, with details on review status. Filter by sample type, funding date or the date the review closed. With Quality Control Advisor, you get greater transparency into the status of the review of a loan.

Quality Control Advisor’s three functions provide the following features:

  • Loan File Management:
    • Manage the complete QC loan file review process.
    • Get summaries on loan file requests and loan file statuses.
    • View and track different types of requested QC samples for a particular month.
    • See your progress in fulfilling loan requests.
    • Upload up to 20 loan files and missing documents at a time.
    • Search for a loan or group of loans.
    • Track the status of all outstanding documentation requests.
  • Remedy Management:
    • Access and monitor your remedy pipeline by easily tracking the status of your remedy requests and the appeals process.
    • View copies of remedy letters associated with QC reviews.
    • Manage repurchase late fees by tracking the number of days since the repurchase request.
  • Management Reporting:
    • View and manage your overall QC and remedy data through flexible reports and customizable dashboards.
    • Export your QC and remedy data for further analysis.
    • Identify loan manufacturing process deficiencies.
    • Adapt your manufacturing process based on reports like Top 5 Deficiencies, Top 10 Missing Documents, Missing Document Rate and other trends.
    • View your deficiency and sample trends.

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