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Get Started Using the Selling System

Selling System Icon Selling System®

Integrates all secondary marketing functions, from pricing to funding, so you can easily deliver loans to us.

To get started with the Freddie Mac Selling System®, you must complete all the forms that apply to you in Steps 1-3 (these steps can be completed simultaneously). In order to take advantage of all the Selling System has to offer, we highly recommend visiting The Learning Center to access a variety of training opportunities and resources.

Step 1: Have you completed, signed and submitted authorized wiring instructions to Freddie Mac?

  • If Yes, skip ahead to Step 2.
  • If No, you must fill out and sign Form 483 (Wire Transfer Authorization) 

Step 2: Complete your User ID & Certification Form

  • Seller/Servicers delivering under Cash and/or Guarantor: Please complete Form 900 (Selling System Authorized User Identification and Certification Form) and fax to 703-738-1532. This form is required by all customers using the Selling System.

If you are approved to be a self-custodian, then you must complete the User IDs & Roles Form for Self-Custodians. If you use a third-party custodian, then you must complete the User IDs & Roles Form for Third-Party Custodians.

Step 3: Do you use a warehouse lender?

  • If Yes, you must fill out and execute Form 987E (Wire Transfer Authorization for a Cash Warehouse Delivery) and mail it to:
    Freddie Mac
    8250 Jones Branch Drive
    Mailstop A46
    McLean, VA 22102

Important Reminder: In order to begin using the Selling System, you must complete all three steps above. Please keep this in mind as you allocate your time to complete the sign-up process.

Once you have completed the sign up process, an e-mail with your user ID will be generated automatically and sent to your Selling System administrator. A second e-mail with your password will be sent directly to you. You must contact your Selling System administrator to obtain the user ID you have been assigned. Please remember to log in to the Selling System at least once every 90 days to avoid deactivating your user ID.

We highly recommend you participate in our available Selling System training sessions that apply to you based on your role and which execution option you plan to use to sell loans to Freddie Mac. View our complete list of training options available for new Selling System customers.

Additional Tips and Tools

The following information and educational tools will assist you in using the Selling System to do business with Freddie Mac:

Selling System Login

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