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Loan Prospector® Outreach

Mortgage-Readiness Assessment for Housing Professionals

Loan Prospector Outreach

Loan Prospector® Outreach is a web-based tool that enables housing counselors to objectively assess whether their clients are ready to apply for a mortgage. Loan Prospector Outreach is the first technology of its kind – able to conduct a reliable client assessment, offer information to shape pre-purchase counseling, and facilitate the client's transition to a lender.

Freddie Mac invests in education and outreach to further financial literacy and to help families achieve successful, sustainable homeownership. Loan Prospector Outreach is just one of the many ways we're making a difference in communities across the nation.

Key Features

  • Takes the guesswork out of client assessments.
    Loan Prospector Outreach helps simplify the counseling processes by providing an objective way to determine a client's readiness to apply for a mortgage.

  • Offers flexible mortgage options.
    Whether the client is a first-time homebuyer or looking to refinance, Loan Prospector Outreach allows you to choose from among a number of mortgage options.

  • Pulls client credit data.
    Using Loan Prospector Outreach, housing counselors can request their client's credit history. While the credit reporting companies will note their inquiry as a housing counselor on the client's credit report, this inquiry should not impact their client's credit score.

  • Web-based and worry-free.
    Loan Prospector Outreach is an easy-to-use tool. Since it’s web-based, it’s always available for your use. No software installation or application development is necessary.

Feedback Messages

New and Updated Feedback Messages From Loan Prospector Outreach

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