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Loan Prospector® Outreach

Mortgage-Readiness Assessment for Housing Professionals

Credit Reporting Companies and Their Service Agreements

Your agency will need to register to order merged credit reports, provided by credit reporting companies (CRCs), through Loan Prospector Outreach.

Freddie Mac has arranged with two CRCs to provide merged credit reports to our Loan Prospector Outreach customers. You may establish agreements with either of the CRCs below.

Credit Reporting Companies and Their Service Agreements

To set up an agreement with one or both of the CRCs listed below, print and complete the forms provided. Mail or fax those agreements directly to the appropriate CRC, not to Freddie Mac. Freddie Mac is not involved in the merged credit registration process. After receipt of the agreements, the CRC will contact your agency to schedule an onsite visit. (Please ask about their visitation fee.) The CRC will then inform your agency whether you are approved to order merged credit through Loan Prospector Outreach.

By contracting to obtain merged credit reports from CoreLogic CREDCO/Credstar or Factual Data and by obtaining any merged credit reports from either of these CRCs, you will be deemed to have agreed to pay for any and all charges for the reports that you order. 

Factual Data
Sales Liaison
Phone: 800-929-3400
    Option 1/Option 4/Option 1
Fax: 866-870-9524

CoreLogic CREDCO/Credstar
Customer Support & Set-up
Phone: 800-577-8787 Option 2

Billing Department
Phone: 800-294-5566

Current Pricing for Merged Credit Reports

All fees for merged credit reports ordered through Loan Prospector Outreach are billed directly to you from your selected CRC. Please contact the CRCs for current pricing.

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