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Gold Fixed-Rate PCs

Gold Participation Certificate (PC) securities are the cornerstone of Freddie Mac's mortgage-backed securities program, offering investors a pass-through security representing an undivided interest in a pool of residential mortgages. Freddie Mac securitizes mortgages with various terms. In addition to traditional 30-year fixed-rate Gold PCs, Freddie Mac offers 40, 20, 15-year, and balloon Gold PCs. Freddie Mac offers Gold PCs backed either by fully amortizing mortgages or initial interest mortgages. Initial InterestSM Gold PCs are backed by mortgages, which require monthly payments of accrued interest only on the principal balance of the mortgage for a specified initial period, followed by fully amortizing monthly payments of principal and interest for the remaining term of the mortgage. Freddie Mac guarantees the timely payment of interest and scheduled principal on all Gold PCs. Gold PCs feature a payment delay of only 45 days from the time interest begins to accrue and the time the investor receives a payment.

Disclosure PC Security Lookup

  • PC Security Lookup
    Retrieve pool-level information on PCs, including current and historical factors, original and current pool-level and loan-level data and related offering documents.


  • Daily New PC Issues
    This report contains selected data about the composition of Freddie Mac's newly issued mortgage PCs as of the most recent business day. Information is provided as of the time of issuance of the PCs and is calculated based on information available at the time of issuance.


  • PC Reports
    This page contains historical PC and loan level reports.


  • MultiLender PC List
    This page contains a list of current and future months MultiLender pools and CUSIP numbers.


  • Outstanding MultiLender Giant PCs
    This report contains issued MultiLender PCs and Giants by month and coupon


  • Loan-Level Disclosure – Variable Names and Descriptions

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