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Retail Classes

Freddie Mac Retail Classes are Multiclass securities issued and guaranteed by Freddie Mac that represent interests in pools of assets that are backed by residential mortgages. Freddie Mac Retail Classes have a principal payment priority that is useful for individual investors as a limited estate-planning device. Freddie Mac typically issues and pays Retail Classes in $1,000 increments or Retail Class Units.

Freddie Mac DARTs®

Freddie Mac Retail Class Units may be issued as Freddie Mac Direct Access Retail REMIC Tranches® (Freddie Mac DARTs®) through Incapital LLC (member FINRA/SIPC) through their InterNotes® program. The InterNotes program is designed to allow the investing public to purchase Freddie Mac DARTs through a network of Broker-Dealers.

Freddie Mac DARTs are offered in the retail market on a weekly basis. Structures posted weekly provide a selection of Freddie Mac DARTs featuring a variety of coupons, maturities, average lives and payment priorities.


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Freddie Mac DARTs Transactions

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