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Freddie Mac Giant Collateral Data Delivery, Wiring Instructions, Settlement and Disclosure Timeframes

Collateral Data Delivery

Collateral data files for Giants must be transmitted using the Falcon interface at least two business days prior to Giant settlement. Collateral files must conform to existing file format standards to ensure successful delivery.

To obtain access to Falcon, to view required file layouts or for data transmission please visit page, Falcon Collateral Delivery.

Wiring Instructions

ABA# 021033205

  • Underlying Giant collateral should be delivered free to Freddie Mac's account.
  • Giants PCs will be wired to the recipient either for free or delivery versus payment if any applicable fees are charged.


Giant PC settlements may only occur beginning one business day after the factor release through the last business day of the month with the exception of two business days prior to the last business day of the month (REMIC collateral delivery day).


  • Final Giant PC disclosure is provided in the Giant Daily New Issue File the day after the Giant settlement date. The Giant Daily New Issue File is available at 6 a.m. ET.
  • Final disclosure on Giants backed with same month settlement MultiLender PCs is available two days before Guarantor Month End.

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