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Daily Pay-off Reports

Freddie Mac is making available the following historical reports which are intended to provide additional transparency regarding loan pay-off activity for selected cohorts throughout the indicated calendar month and in different past interest rate environments. 

Servicers furnish these data pursuant to their contractual obligations to service loans for Freddie Mac. Freddie Mac may not have independently verified the data and makes no representation or warranty as to their accuracy or completeness. We are not obligated to update/correct the data. Subject to the foregoing, these data reflect “voluntary” total prepayments of mortgage loans resulting from, for example, refinancings or sales of mortgaged properties (and not scheduled payments, curtailments or “involuntary” prepayments). “Involuntary” prepayments could include prepayments resulting from repurchases of mortgage loans from Freddie Mac Mortgage Participation Certificates as a result of borrower defaults or breaches of representations and warranties by mortgage loan sellers, or from foreclosures.

Historical Daily Pay-offs for Selected Cohorts

A one time lookback at historical daily pay-offs (from January 2008 - December 2017) for selected cohorts

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