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Security Data


Data Reports

For your convenience, Freddie Mac provides data reports. Select the type of reports your would like to view.

Data Files: Factor & Coupon

Select an option from the drop-down menu, and the corresponding files with refresh below.

Factor & Coupon File Matrix

To select a file(s), click in the box next to the file name(s) and/or the corresponding corrected file name.
Enter the desired date and then click on submit. The files are in zipped format and must be unzipped for viewing.

1st Business Day

Enter Date: (YY/MM)  

DescriptionFile NameTimeframe of Availability

Correction File Name (if applicable)

Recent Correction Files 

Timeframe of Availability for Correction File
Gold REMIC Delay Indices IDYYMM 1st Business Day VIYYMMDD On date of correction
GNMA REMIC Delay Indices DRYYMM 1st Business Day ZDYYMMDD On date of correction
GNMA REMIC Delay Floaters DCYYMM 1st Business Day MUYYMMDD On date of correction

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