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Testimonials on Recent Deals

Recent Deals

Olympus Ranch, Murray, UT

"We are extremely pleased to have partnered with Walker & Dunlop and Freddie Mac on this significant financing for New Senior. The team at Walker & Dunlop worked collaboratively with us on our expedited timeline to provide a customized financing solution tailored to meet our needs. We look forward to working with them again in the future."
– Susan Givens, Chief Executive Officer of New Senior Investment Group, Inc.

Olympus Ranch, Murray, UT
Seller/Servicer: Walker & Dunlop
Borrower: New Senior Investment Group, Inc.

Winchester Village, Indianapolis, IN

"Freddie Mac proved to be a terrific capital partner on this transaction. They worked proactively with us every step of the way, and in particular, Freddie Mac provided excellent marketing assistance in helping HMG educate our client on the benefits of a structured transaction. This was the first structured transaction completed by our client."
– Bill Hyman, Hunt Mortgage Group

Winchester Village, Indianapolis, IN
Seller/Servicer: Hunt Mortgage Group
Borrower: ROCO Real Estate

Alta at the Estate, Watertown

"You won over the life companies through your instant ability to communicate back and forth...there was a real willingness to work on it.”
– Mike Ortlip, Senior Vice President, Grandbridge Real Estate Capital

Alta at the Estate, Watertown, MA
Seller/Servicer: Grandbridge Real Estate Capital
Borrower: Bell Partners

Ariel Suites, San Diego

"Knowing how solid the market was and how solid the asset was, your team asked, ‘What can we do to win the deal?’ and that was great... big plus to Freddie is that they understood the deal... and Freddie really stepped up... when the Treasury yield started dropping, we did an Index Lock within a few hours!"
– Yogesh Joshi, Senior Vice President, Hunt Mortgage Group

Ariel Suites, San Diego, CA
Seller/Servicer: Hunt Mortgage Group
Borrower: Allego Ventures, Inc.

Bracera at Gig Harbor

"The producer did a great job figuring out where the competition was and sharpened his pencil... he also walked the property with the borrower... that helped, to work through the deal... and the structure was very accommodating, easy for the borrower... that flexibility definitely helped."
– Bob Douglas, Director, Berkeley Point

Bracera at Gig Harbor, Gig Harbor, WA
Seller/Servicer: Berkeley Point
Borrower: Anue Gig LLC

Canyon Heights, Tuscon

"The production team did a great job... Freddie was able to deliver a process... a great job... the quote was very quick and you guys really stepped up...”
– Edward Kim, Vice President, Berkadia

Canyon Heights, Tuscon, AZ
Seller/Servicer: Berkadia
Borrower: Brandon Lo Porto and Yuval Bobrovitch

Cityview at SoCo

"You have a supplemental loan that sets you apart from competition; this breeds a lot of client loyalty...”
– Brad Peters, Vice President, CBRE

Cityview at SoCo, Austin, TX
Seller/Servicer: CBRE
Borrower: The Connor Group

Cunningham Heights, Queens

"The communication by the team was exceptional, and we love working with our producer; he did a phenomenal job pushing for the client’s interests. This is one of my favorite transactions in recent years, in large part because the team stepped and made us look great to the borrowers.”
– Jon Wood, Vice President, Capital One Multifamily Finance

Cunningham Heights, Queens, NY
Seller/Servicer: Capital One Multifamily Finance
Borrower: Deborah Benjamin and Denise Coyle

La Costa Apartments, Palm Beach

"This deal, which came about just before holidays, needed a commitment right after holidays ... and we got a commitment in time... it was flawless."
– Charles Foschini, Vice Chairman of South Florida Markets, CBRE

La Costa Apartments, Palm Beach, FL
Seller/Servicer: CBRE
Borrower: Advenir

Ocean Plaza Apartments, Long Beach

"Overall, went very well... we were very happy with response times and clear answers...”
– Rick Wolf, Senior Managing Director, Greystone

Ocean Plaza Apartments, Long Beach, CA
Seller/Servicer: Greystone
Borrower: Paul Fuhrman

The Groves Apartments, Gresham, OR

"We were pleased with our first Freddie Mac experience. Hunt Mortgage Group was able to hold the spread and fund a loan at 80% of value on the first day possible."
– Lauren Noecker Robert, Managing Member, NBP Capital, LLC

The Groves Apartments, Gresham, OR
Seller/Servicer: Hunt Mortgage Group
Borrower: NBP Capital, LLC

Village Place, West Palm Beach

"I’ve worked with the producer for a long time and she always gives great service; the underwriter was a pleasure to work with as well... there’s a good relationship between your underwriters and our underwriters... all sort of flows together... and these were hard deals to win... you went above and beyond.”
– Andy Gnazzo, Managing Director, Walker & Dunlop

Village Place, West Palm Beach, FL
Seller/Servicer: Walker & Dunlop
Borrower: Northland

Villas at Bon Secour, Gulf Shores

"The deal went great, on all fronts... and the borrower thought so, too... Both the producer and the analyst on the deal did a great job getting their arms around the deal... they prudently did a good job walking before they ran... all went smooth... better than planned... and this was my first Index Lock... the producer suggested it and educated me on it, as well as the borrower... and this felt to me like the only deal the team was working on... the borrowers were so happy."
– Aaron Cardwell, Senior Vice President, Berkadia

Villas at Bon Secour, Gulf Shores, AL
Seller/Servicer: Berkadia
Borrower: Jonathan Harrison and Erik Gould


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