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Targeted Affordable Housing Update

We were pleased to share all the new things happening in Targeted Affordable Housing with so many of our Seller/Servicers on last week’s call.  Read More

By David Leopold
Published on September 1, 2016

2016 Mid-Year Outlook: Where Are We Heading?

By the end of 2015, the multifamily industry was closing out five years of an unprecedented run of success. Are we slowing down?  Read More

By Steve Guggenmos
Published on August 2, 2016

A Unique San Francisco Affordable Housing Program: Meet the People Involved

Earlier this year I wrote about an exciting program to preserve more than 1.400 homes for low-income families and seniors in San Francisco.  Read More

By David Leopold
Published on July 28, 2016

What Sellers Learned at the 2016 Seniors Housing Seller Workshop

We held our 2016 Seniors Housing Seller Workshop in Chicago earlier this month. Here’s a snapshot of some of the key issues we focused on during the workshop to meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.  Read More

By Steve Schmidt
Published on July 26, 2016

Rental Demand Still Going Strong

Millennials moving out of their parents’ homes and aging baby boomers are increasing the number of older renters, making rental demand strong.  Read More

By Steve Guggenmos
Published on July 25, 2016

How One Borrower Delivers Workforce Housing

Sometimes you come across a great story that you need to share. Here’s one about a 40-year old business providing workforce housing in the Greater Los Angeles region.  Read More

By Peter Giles
Published on July 15, 2016

Mid-Year Update

Now that we’re halfway through the year, I want to update you on what’s been happening and what we see coming up with Freddie Mac Multifamily.  Read More

By John Cannon
Published on July 15, 2016

Face-to-Face Makes All the Difference

We overheard it at a conference about small balance loans: “It’s all about technology and low-touch.”   Read More

By Michael Patterson
Published on July 15, 2016

An Affordable Housing Solution for Renters and Homeowners

Freddie Mac has dedicated underwriters and producers to provide support to this often misunderstood, esoteric industry.  Read More

By Kelly Brady
Published on June 17, 2016

Going with the Flow: Houston's Multifamily Market Adapts to Oil Drop

Two years ago, the oil and gas industry was booming in the United States with the price of oil over $100 a barrel.  Read More

By Steve Guggenmos
Published on March 17, 2016


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