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K-Deal Volume Hits $100 Billion

By Mitchell Resnick*
Published on April 27, 2015

Freddie Mac Multifamily has issued $100 billion in K-Deals, transferring the vast majority of credit risk away from taxpayers and to private investors since the first modern K-Deal in June 2009. This is one way we’re living the future of multifamily rental housing finance today.

When the K-Deal program was launched, the Great Recession was raging and the capital markets were in the doldrums. At the time (before joining Freddie Mac, actually), I thought, if anyone can breathe some life back into the market, it’s Freddie Mac Multifamily with this securitization program. And we did.

The program enables Freddie Mac Multifamily to

  • promote market liquidity and stability,
  • lower the cost of capital,
  • shrink taxpayers’ risk exposure, and
  • support rental housing affordability nationwide.

It also serves as a launch pad for continued growth and innovation.

Each of us can be proud of the part we’ve played in reaching this milestone. To learn more, read David Brickman’s “Executive Perspectives” article, “100 Billion Reasons to Celebrate.”

100 billion facts

*Mitch Resnick left Freddie Mac in April 2016. He was vice president of capital markets.



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