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As of September 30, 2017:
Our delinquency rate: 2 bps
Private-market Multifamily
CMBS: 137 bps
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Freddie Mac is an active, consistent issuer of high-grade multifamily securities. Multifamily investments feature transparency and consistency on collateral and deal information throughout the offering documents and through its investor tools. We have brought approximately $232.4 billion in K-Deals and $11.1 billion in SB-Deals to the market since we created the programs in 2009 and 2015, respectively.

Investor Inquiries

Issuance Calendar

Issuance Calendars

Quarterly schedules of intended offerings.

Presentations & Data

Presentations and Data

Our presentations and data provide current and historical information about Freddie Mac Multifamily investments.

Lookup Tools

Securities Lookup

Find useful tools for analyzing and tracking the performance of our Multifamily securities, including the Multifamily Securities Investor Access tool.



Freddie Mac issues high-grade Multifamily securities. Our signature product is K Certificates, which are regularly-issued structured pass-through securities backed by Multifamily mortgage loans. Find information about all of our offerings here.


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