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Freddie Mac is an active, consistent issuer of high-grade multifamily securities. Multifamily investments feature transparency and consistency on collateral and deal information throughout the offering documents and through its investor tools. It brought $28 billion in new issuance to the market in 2013 through 19 offerings.

Multifamily Securities

Freddie Mac issues high-grade Multifamily securities including K Certificates, Multifamily Variable Rate Securities (backed by tax-exempt bonds) and PCs. The signature product is K Certificates, which are regularly-issued structured pass-through securities backed by multifamily mortgage loans. K-deals feature a wide range of investor options, which include guaranteed senior and interest only bonds.

Investor Tools

Freddie Mac provides many useful tools for analyzing and tracking the performance of its Multifamily securities. These include investor presentations, a historical loan database and the Multifamily Securities Investor Access tool, which includes data from the standard Investor Reporting Package provided by the master servicer and trustee for a given security issuance.

Investor Team

Meet a handful of the more than 500 dedicated professionals who work on K-Deals.

Investor Inquiries

Investors and analysts can contact us with questions about Multifamily securities.

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