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Innovation, Everywhere.

Affordability isn't just our mission, it's our passion. Across the multifamily market, we're providing innovative solutions that expand access to affordable housing for our nation’s 43 million renters.

Historically, nearly 90% of our financing
supports affordable rental housing.

Innovation for NY Housing Community

Innovation Keeps NY Housing Community Affordable

Relief for residents in pricey Westchester County, New York.

Preserving a Pocket of Hope in Silicon Valley

Preserving a Pocket of Hope in Silicon Valley

A small, 2.5 square mile area keeps hope alive for lower-income earners.

A Big Deal in Cash Preservation

This Property Owner Really Delivers

Public-private partnership helps residents remain despite gentrification.

New Money to Preserve Affordable Housing

New Money to Preserve Affordable Housing

Developers find capital from unusual sources to keep rents affordable.

Fresh Thinking for Every Need

When it comes to affordability, it takes ingenuity to get deals done, and that’s what we do best. Explore our full spectrum of solutions, many of which serve the needs of Targeted Affordable Housing and workforce housing.

Connect with Us

We encourage interested borrowers to contact an approved lender.

For more information about Freddie Mac Multifamily, contact us.

Closing the Affordability Gap

What is Workforce Housing?

Our Affordable Housing Goals and Scorecard

The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) sets affordable housing goals for Freddie Mac Multifamily. This means they determine the number of low-income (LI) and very-low income (VLI) units that we must source annually. Units that qualify for the low-income goal are affordable to renters with incomes no greater than 80 percent of the area median income (AMI); very-low-income units are affordable to renters with incomes no greater than 50 percent of the AMI.

The FHFA also sets an annual production volume cap for Freddie Mac Multifamily. Last year FHFA modified the volume cap, which was welcome news because it encourages more volume in affordable housing. For a list of loans excluded from the cap, including FHFA-defined very-high-cost and high-cost markets, refer to our 2017 Multifamily Lending Exclusions Summary.

We're more committed than ever to providing innovative finance solutions that keep rental housing within reach for families.

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