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Presentations Available

Over 600 customers attended this year’s Regional Seller Workshops, which featured regional business updates and new product overviews. All presentations have been posted and are now available.

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2015 Regional Seller Workshops: Presentations Available
May 20, 2015 - All presentations from our 2015 Regional Seller Workshops are available for download.

Creating a Better Loan Assumption Process for Borrowers
May 04, 2015 - New resources are available to share with borrowers.

New Guide Bulletin Published
April 30, 2015 - The latest changes to the Freddie Mac Multifamily Seller/Servicer Guide

Multifamily Launches Dedicated Service Desk
April 27, 2015 - On Monday, April 27, Freddie Mac Multifamily launched the Multifamily Service Desk - a new, single point of contact for you to report your Multifamily application issues and request assistance.

Repair Requirement Updates
April 23, 2015 - Provides updates on our repair requirements.

Enhanced Lease-Up Loan Offering
April 14, 2015 - We are changing the names of our Lease-Up Loans to Refinance Lease-Up Loan and Acquisition Lease-Up Loan and added benefits for premier sponsors.

David Leopold New VP of Affordable Housing Production for Freddie Mac Multifamily
April 14, 2015 - Effective April 20, David Leopold will join Freddie Mac Multifamily as the Vice President of Affordable Housing Production.

Affordability Test Mandatory Update
April 13, 2015 - We have updated our Affordability Test to reflect the most recent data from HUD.

Document Management System (DMS): Maintenance 4/12/15
April 10, 2015 - The DMS website,, will be inaccessible on Sunday, April 12, 2015, from 1:00 a.m. - 4:00 a.m. ET.

Document Management System (DMS): New Release This Weekend
March 06, 2015 - Includes changes to further enhance DMS.

Capped, Standardized Breakage Fees
March 02, 2015 - Effective March 4, 2015, we are capping and standardizing breakage fees for all newly locked fixed-rate loans where a breakage fee applies.

New Guide Bulletin Published
February 27, 2015 - The latest changes to the Freddie Mac Multifamily Seller/Servicer Guide

CRT Decision-Date Tracking Improvements
February 26, 2015 - Consent Request Tracker (CRT) improvements take effect on Monday, March 2, 2015, further enhancing borrower consent requests.

2015 Regional Seller Workshops
February 24, 2015 - This year’s annual event series features a new format and name, plus the latest information on our new and updated offerings.

New Multifamily Refinance Test Effective March 1
February 24, 2015 - The updated Refinance Test will be less restrictive.

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