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Document Management System Updates

June 27, 2011

Along with your feedback, we are focused on the development of infrastructure that continues to improve our business process and makes us more scalable and flexible. We continue to update our Document Management System (DMS) so you can submit even more of your loan documents electronically.

Word and Excel 2007 Documents Now Accepted

The DMS now accepts Microsoft Word 2007 documents with the file extension .docx, as well as Excel 2007 spreadsheets with the file extension .xlsx. The following is the current list of accepted documents and their file extensions for DMS only. These documents and extensions are not currently accepted in the Origination and Underwriting System (OUS).

  • TIFF (.tiff or .tiff)
  • PDF (.pdf)
  • Text (.txt)
  • HTML (.htm or .html)
  • XML (.xml)
  • Excel 2003 and prior (.xls)
  • Word 2003 and prior (.doc)
  • JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg)
  • Word 2007 (.docx)
  • Excel 2007 (.xlsx)

New DMS Document Types for Asset Management

We consistently receive feedback that moving work-intensive paper processes to an electronic data submission format helps you to work more efficiently with us. In response, we have expanded the use of our DMS to include the following loan document types for Capital Markets ExecutionSM (CME):

  • Addition of a new document type – The new document type should be used to record the completed quarterly financial analysis work for CME loans.
  • Updated titles for portfolio and CME loans – The Updated titles should be used when uploading specific quarterly Asset Management documents to DMS for portfolio and CME loans.

Below is a complete list of the new CME document types.

Action Document Name Grouping Name Title to be Added by Seller
Updated title QIE- Borrower Operating Statement AM - Quarterly Reporting QIE_FS_MM-DD-YY (end date statement)

(Old name: QIE_Operating_Statement_end date statement (xx-xx-xx))
Updated title QIE- Rent Roll AM - Quarterly Reporting QIE_RR_MM-DD-YY (date of Rent Roll)

(Old name: QIE_Rent_Roll_date of Rent Roll (xx-xx-xx))
Updated title AIE - Attachment (other than Rent Roll) AM – AIE ASSESSMENT AIE_Attachments_MM-DD-YY (due date of AIE)

(Old name: AIE_Attachments_due date of AIE (xx-xx-xx))
Updated title AIE - Bond Supplemental AM – AIE ASSESSMENT Bond_Supplemental_MM-DD-YY (due date of AIE)

(Old name: Bond_Supplemental_due date of AIE (xx-xx-xx))
Updated title AIE - Borrower Operating Statement AM – AIE ASSESSMENT AIE_Operating_Statement_MM-DD-YY (end date of statement)

(Old name: AIE_Operating_Statement_end date of statement (xx-xx-xx))
Updated title AIE - Rent Roll AM – AIE ASSESSMENT AIE_Rent_Roll_MM-DD-YY (date of Rent Roll)

(Old name: AIE_Rent_Roll_date of Rent Roll (xx-xx-xx))
Updated title AIE Servicer Submission AM – AIE ASSESSMENT AIE_Form_MM-DD-YY (due date of AIE)

(Old name: AIE_Form_due date of AIE (xx-xx-xx))
Updated title ALI Attachments (other than photos) AM – AIE ASSESSMENT ALI_Other_MM-DD-YY (due date of ALI)

(Old name: ALI_Other_due date of ALI (xx-xx-xx))
Updated title ALI Photos AM – AIE ASSESSMENT ALI_Photos_MM-DD-YY (due date of ALI)

(Old name: ALI_Photos_due date of ALI (xx-xx-xx))
Updated title ALI - Rent Roll AM – AIE ASSESSMENT ALI_Rent_Roll_MM-DD-YY (date of Rent Roll)

(Old name: ALI_Rent_Roll_date of Rent Roll (xx-xx-xx))
Updated title ALI Servicer Submission AM – AIE ASSESSMENT ALI_Form_MM-DD-YY (due date of ALI)

(Old name: ALI_Form_due date of ALI (xx-xx-xx))
Updated title ALI - Sr. Housing Supplemental AM – AIE ASSESSMENT Senior_Housing_Supplemental_MM-DD-YY (due date of ALI)

(Old name: Senior_Housing_Supplemental_due date of ALI (xx-xx-xx))
Updated title A56 Attachments (other than photos) AM – A56 ASSESSMENT A56_Other_MM-DD-YY (due date of A56)

(Old name: A56_Other_due date of A56 (xx-xx-xx))
Updated title A56 Photos AM – A56 ASSESSMENT A56_Photos_MM-DD-YY (due date of A56)

(Old name: A56_Photos_due date of A56 (xx-xx-xx))
Updated title A56 Servicer Submission AM – A56 ASSESSMENT A56_Forms_MM-DD-YY (due date of A56)

(Old name: A56_Forms_due date of A56 (xx-xx-xx))

Document Mapping Resources

To align with the changes, we updated the Master Document Listing Mapping document in the Document Management System Resources section under Tools and Resources in MultiSuite®. If you have any questions about these changes, please contact Gina Thompson at or 703 -714-2805.

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